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Branded Bibo Tattoo [Female]

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Whether you've been bad, need to show proof of your "Maintenance Spankings" or are simply looking for a brand spanking new tattoo, you're in the right place ! I have created my very first tattoo, and comes with 2 PNG tattoos for Bibo+. If you install both materials, you'll have a single handprint with some outfits, and both with others. 

Please note, tattoos may appear different based upon filters used, lighting, complexion, etc. !! 

♕ Thanks to Tsar, Illy and Bizu for the body

♕ If you'd like this added to your personal tattoos, feel free to DM me on my server, I'll be happy to help

♕ I'm not going to spam Do's and Don't's, don't steal, ezpz but terms are located here

♕ I'd love to see what you do with my work, so don't forget to use the #LuxysLegion tag ! Not only will I be able to see and share your work, it'll also be posted over in #Luxy's Legion Spotlight

♕ Available on my Patreon if you prefer

Shout out to Mara for the pretty hair edit, thank you lovely !

You will get a ZIP (8MB) file

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